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Titanium Super Coat Instructions

Preperation and Mixing
Add 2 Ltr titanium super coat polymer for 5kg titanium super coat powder to prepare the titanium super coat mixer. Put 2 Ltr titanium super coat polymer in to pail first and then titanium super coat powder should be mixed with titanium super coat polymer. Mechanical mixing is necessary for it.( A slow speed 400rpm heavy duty electric drill with a wing type recommended )Mixed Quantity should be applied with 20 minutes. To prevent variations in the color of the coating surface ,in the final coating the mixing ratio should be the same and it is best to apply coating at once.

After Applying Sanding Surface
After the first and second application, sanding by gauge no 100 - 120 sand paper and after the third application, sanding by gauge no 320 – 400 sand paper. Again, sanding by gauge no 800 sandpaper for a shiny finish on the surface. After sanding surface must be clean and dust free. Then, Apply 2 coats of titanium top coat (Mix with water in 1 :1/4 ratio) Dry allow about 5 hours, Sand with Gauge no 1000 sand paper & dust free. Then Apply wax & polish the area using polisher machine. It will give you smooth and shiny surface.

Where to Use
It Could be applied on new plaster wall ,floor and all masonry areas and also can be used on bathroom walls. Also can apply on ceiling sheet and ceiling gypsum boards.
How to Apply
After Applying the first coat, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 2 hours before applying the second coat. After another 2 hours proceed to sand the surface with 100-120 sand paper ,then fill all rough places including holes ,once the surface is dry ,prepare a third layer with a higher polymer liquid percentage and apply as a finishing touch .once the surface is dry sand the surface with 320-400 gauge sand paper

Areas of Coverage
Area of 100-120 sqft will be covered with 28kg pack for 2 coat application. It depends on Surface.

Safety Instructions
  • Wearing a pair of gloves is necessary.
  • Wear a mask when you are sanding.
  • Wash thoroughly if contact on skin.
  • Contact a doctor immediately when contact on eyes.
  • Keep away from children.

Super Coat Base Coat

Titanium super coat - base coat has high strength and the economics of cement based crystalline silica mixed 1packed system. Titanium super coat – base coat is a shrinkage – controlled grout which has been specially designed for multipurpose engineering work. Titanium Super Coat - Base coat is specially designed for maximum strength ,minimized shrinkage and extend the working life and etc. Its generally used as the under coat of Titanium super coat paste for uneven floors and walls.

Areas of Coverage
Area of 100-120 sqft will be covered with 28kg pack for 2 coat application. It depends on Surface.

A 25kg pack will provide a coverage area of sqft 150 ,when using a 1 coat application .This will depend on the surface .
Preparation and mixing
Surface must be clean and free from dust and oil.Add 2L water for 5kg base coat powder to prepare base coat mixer. (mixing ratio could be change depend on surface condition and thickness) Mechanical mixing is necessary for it. (A Slow speed 400 rpm heavy duty electrical drill with a wing type recommended) Should be mixed for about 5 minutes. recommended to use putty trowel for application.

Where to use
  • Concrete Gap Filling
  • Concrete Repair
  • Wall Plaster Repair
  • Tile Fixing Repair
  • Filling Honeycomb

Safety Instruction
It is necessary to wear a pair of gloves and mask when sanding .Wash thoroughly if it comes in to contact with the skin .Contact a doctor immediately if it comes in contact with eyes and causes irritation.

Supercoat Cement Polymer

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